Real Estate Personal Shopper

We offer you a personal advisor, full time dedicated to you, to help you in every step finding the perfect property according to your requirements.


What are the advantages against a traditional Real Estate Agency?

Savings between 5 % and 20% based on optimum preliminary market study and negotiation

Time optimization on property visits, by selecting properties personal visits, filtering properties and previous analysis or even telematic visits with your private assistant

The feeling of beening in good hands, with whom you can trust and compromised with your objective

And how do we do?

  • Preliminary study of areas of interest, by checking and analyzing property prices versus quality of properties of the preferred areas, to find out a clear objective together with the clients. It can even include a previous guided tour on the areas of interest.
  • Create a list of preferred properties and filtering of those properties, together with the clients, to finally have a list of priorized properties to visit.
  • Coordination and organization of appointments to visit the properties that your personal advisor will visit together with you or on your behalf. Your personal asistan will advise you and give you honest feedback being as much clear as possible on the given information.
  • Negotiation, on behalf of clients, on the objective property with private owners or other Real Estate Agencies.
  • Checking of documentation related to the property: Ownership, debts or mortgages, urbanization status, etc..
  • Purchase agreement, preparation of reservation documents, Earnest money deposit agreement till signature in the notary where your personal advisor will be present and will act as interpreter if necessary
  • After sales service, including realocation services if necessary, to ensure that your new project of having a property in Valencia will happen without any headache. We take care of changing supplies contracts, and other contracts, arranging internet connection and any thing that it is in our hands to prived or help you to find.
  • And everything in Spanish and English.

Furthermore, from the first contact, we will provide you with  a very detailed list of what needs to be done and ticked off to achieve a successful transaction in purchasing or selling a property in Valencia. 

We will look after everything from your arrival in our agency to the final steps. We are fluent in English and we will be able to provide you with the advice and help needed.

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