Our services will provide you with a very detailed list of what needs to be done and ticked off to achieve a successful transaction in purchasing or selling a property in Valencia.

We will look after everything from your arrival in our agency to the final steps. We are fluent in English and we will be able to provide you with the advice and help needed.


Organising my budget, how much do I need to pay on top of the purchase price?

  • 15% is about the amount which need to paid and divided as follow
  • 10% for the Spanish tax ITP (impuesto tramisiones pratrimonial)
  • 3% for the agent fees
  • 2% for the conveyancing fees and propriety registration cost 


What do I need to have in hands before buying a property?

  • Getting the NIE (Foreign Identification number)
  • Opening of a Spanish bank account
  • Selection and visits of the preferred proprieties


When the property you wish to purchase is chosen an offer will be made and presented to the seller. In the event of your offer being accepted, 10% of the purchase price will be paid as a deposit to secure the property as such.

The final contract will be signed at the conveyancer office in presence of all parties involved including a representative of our agency.

We will make sure that all documentation are ir order and we will be able to pass them onto you within a month after the date of purchase whick is the registry office need to process.